This guide shows how to operate the device, please make sure to read this manual carefully. The manufacturer won’t assume any legal responsibility for any errors or omissions made in this manual.   

Note about app usage:

You will need to supply us with the IMEI number of your VeloSpy unit in order for the app to access it online. However, you will be able to use the unit via SMS commands straight out of the box. Please get in touch with our team at hello@velospy.com if you have any questions about the process, or wish to have the app activated.              


Working based on existing GSM/GPRS network and GPS satellites, this product can locate and monitor any remote targets by SMS, APP, and Internet. It adopts the most advanced technology of GPS and AGPS dual positioning.

Dim 40mm x 85mm x 28mm (1.5"*3.3"*0.7")
Weight 80g
Network GSM/GPRS
Band 850/900/1800/1900Mhz
GPS sensitivity -159dBm
GPS accuracy 5m
Wall Charger
110-220V   input
    5V-1A    output
Battery Chargeable changeable 3.7V 1800mAh Li-on battery
Standby 25days
Time to First Fix   Cold Status  45s
Warm Status  35s
   Hot Status   1s
Storage Temperature -40°C to + 85°C
Original Temperature -20°C to + 55°C
Humidity 5% - 96% non-condensing


             1. Head light       2. Indicator light       3. SOS Button

             4. USB Power and GSM card slot      5. Fixed Frame
Yellow light - Solid NO GPRS signal
Yellow light - Flash GPRS connection
Blue light - Solid NO GPS signal
Blue light - Flash GPS connection
  • The indicator light is ON when SIM card is inserted, but the light is off in few seconds.
  • The device gets GPS location when there is GPS signal and gets LBS location when there is no GPS signal.
  • The device automatically turns OFF when the SIM card is removed.
4.1.   Send message “G123456#” to SIM card phone number in the tracker, or call the SIM card phone number, you will receive a Google Maps link of position.
     E.g. : 


4.2.   Admin number setting (After admin number is set, all SMS operations to the device are under this number only)

Command : admin123456 phone number(This phone number is your own mobile phone number, not the SIM card number in the tracker) 
     Reply : admin ok
     E.g. : admin123456 13265790180


When the unit is in over-speed alarm, Shake sensor alarm, or low battery alarm, will send alarm information to the admin number. (13265790180)

Admin number Canceling:

Command : noadmin123456

      Reply : noadmin ok

4.3.   SOS number setting
Command:sos123456 phone number (This phone number is your own mobile phone number, not the SIM card number in tracker .)
      Reply:sos number ok
(after you set the SOS number, pls press the SOS button for 3 seconds, then the device will send “help alarm!” to the SOS number.)
SOS number canceling:
Command : nosos123456
      Reply : nosos number ok
4.4.   Over-speed Alarm setting (It works only in continuous positioning mode.)
Over-speed Alarm setting:
Command : speed123456 070(Suppose speed is 70km/h)
     Reply : speed ok


When the unit speed is over 70km/h, it will send message “speed alarm!” to the admin number every 5 minutes.

Over-speed Alarm canceling :

Command : nospeed123456

      Reply : nospeed ok

4.5.   Shake sensor setting

        Command : shock123456

Message Reply : shock ok


If there aren't any alarms in 5 minutes, the unit will automatically set shake sensor alarm. In this case, it will

send message “sensor alarm!” to the admin number when the unit gets shaked.

Shake alarm Canceling:

Command : noshock123456

      Reply : noshock ok

4.6.   Device working mode setting (Factory setting is “Sleep by time mode“)

Sleep by time mode setting:

Command : sleep123456 time

      Reply : sleep time ok



(SMS, calling or any other triggered alarm (Vibration excluded) tracker works for 5 minutes after wake up, and then back to sleep, GPS module shut off, GSM module works in low consumption. SMS, calling or any other triggered alarms (Vibration excluded) can awake the tracker.)

Sleep by shock sensor mode setting:

Command : sleep123456 shock

      Reply : sleep shock ok




(No vibration and other triggered alarm, tracker will work in “sleep by shock” mode, GPS shut off,

GSM works in low consumption. Vibration, SMS, calling or any other triggered alarm (including vibration) can awaken the tracker..)

4.7.   Head light status setting

Set the head light ON

Command : LED123456 on

      Reply : led on ok




The head light will keep on and flash all the time.

Set the head light on by shock sensor

Command : LED123456 shock

      Reply : led shock ok





When the device shocked, the head light flashes. And when it was stopped in 5 seconds,  the LED light turns off automatically. 


Set the head light off

Command : LED123456 off

       Reply : led off ok





The LED light will be off all the time.

Note:It costs much for the device electricity when the LED light flashes. So, please set the mode according to

your needs.

4.8.   Terminal (local) Time Setting

Command : timezone123456 local time zone

      Reply : time ok!


timezone123456 +1

timezone123456 -1

timezone123456 0





4.9.   Reset Hardware

Command : reset123456

      Reply : reset ok







blob1475818954968.png Pic. 1

Pic 1:Replied real-time tracking information under GPS satellites signal.

  • Lat: 22.63952 Long: 114.17122 Positioning of the latitude and longitude values.
  • Spd: 000 This refers to the device moving speed. The unit is km/h.
  • T:24/09/15 16:00 real-tracking time, the Default is London time. You can set language and time zone in APP.
  • Bat: 100% The battery value is between 10% and 100%. Once it is less than 30%, it alarms.
  • 2015070203: Device IMEI No. to log in APP and platform.
  • Google Link: This is the link to the Google map showing the position of the device.
blob1475819495109.pngPic. 2

Pic 2:Replied LBS tracking information without GPS satellites signal. 

  • Lac:27a4 1223: Real-time LBS positioning data.
  • T:24/09/15 15:17 LBS positioning time.
  • Bat: 100% The battery value is between 10% and 100%. Once it is less than 30%, it alarms.
  • Last: T:25/09/15 03:04 This is the time when tracker got last GPS signal.
  • Google Link:  This is the position of last GPS signal appeared.
Pls activate GPRS function by sending command “gprs123456” after turning on the device in 30seconds.  And set APN for the device.
Every sim card carrier has their own APN content, there are two methods to find out APN content: check sim card carrier  on internet or put the sim card into a cell phone to find check APN.
Two steps to set APN:
1) Turn ON GPRS function by sending command “gprs123456”
2) Set APN by sending command “apn123456 content” , “apnuser123456 content” , ”apnpassword123456 content”. Please note the content comes from sim card carrier, there are small blank after 123456 in very command.
6.1.   Search “TKSTAR“ in the Apple App Store/Google Play  Store or Scan the QR Code to install the applications on your cell phone.



6.2   Register and add account.

Enter into the TKSTAR application, please click “Join free” and register your account.
User’s registration: please remember your registered email while you register your account in case of forgetting the password.
Log in to app with your registered account and add the device with IMEI number into your account.


6.3.   Turn on GPRS function by sending command “GPRS123456” to the tracker and set the APN for it then its online tracking by APP and platform works.

(any existing will be replaced)
apn+123456+space+apn content apn ok
Set APN username apnuser+123456+space+content apnuser ok
Set APN password apnpasswd+123456+space+content apnpasswd ok
Set data upload interval (default: 43200 seconds) Upload+123456+space+30 Upload ok


6.4.   Login the device
  • Logging in the APP with an account, it shows the positioning interface.

blob1475821845837.png:  Call the device phone number. 

blob1475821925672.png: Device number calls the master number. 

blob1475821971481.png: Transformation of satelite map and 2D map. 

blob1475821999530.png: Position transformation of device location and cell phone location. 

blob1475822046040.png :  Battery, GPRS signal and GPS signal. 

blob1475822087837.png : Device name, Location, Time, Positioning Mode, Automatic navigation to the device location.


blob1475822176732.png : Related information to the account


Click the icon: set the account name, password and picture.

Add device: add more devices under one account.

Map: device positioning interface.

Alarm Message: check all devices alert information under the account.

System Message: authorization to other accounts to add the devices under the account.

System setting: set related parameters of the account.

Switch Account : log out.

blob1475822495095.png : Device related functions and settings.




Step count: account walking steps of the device in a day. 

Track: view all route history of the device.

Geofence: set Geo fence to alarm.

Function: set functions.

More Functions:



Click the icon: set the device name, SIM number and picture.

Historical Track: view all route history of the device.

GEO Fence: set Geo fence to alarm.

Historical Alert : check device alert information.

QR Code: share the device to other accounts to add.

Device Setting:set related parameters of the device.

Guardian List: check the Binding account.

Unbind:lift the binding of device and account.

Related parameters to set the device:


Note: Function works when it is set in Real-time trackmode.

SOS number: all alarm information will be sent to the SOS number.

Set admin number: all alarm information will be sent to the master number.

Overspeed alarm: when device’s speed is over the setting speed, it will send alarm information to SOS number and master number.

Pedometer:Turn on/off the steps switch. ( The default steps switch is off. )

Call:the device can call-out any phone numbers.

LED Switch: Turn on/off the indicating light. ( The default LED light is on. )

Set the language and time zone:choose the language and time zone.






GPS Working Mode setting (GPS Updating FREQ): 4 modes can be chosen. 



  • 12 hrs (Standby mode): upload positioning data every 12 hours, this is the longest mode while using. 
  • 01 hrs (Extremely Power Saving): upload positioning data every one hour. 
  • 30 mins(Power Saving track ) upload positioning data every 30 minutes. 
  • 10 secs (Real-time track ): device continuously positioning. This is the shortest mode while using. 
Suggestion: please choose standby mode if it’s not in emergency situations.

6.5   Positioning in an emergency.

If you want to position in emergency but device is in sleeping mode, you just call the device number, then you will receive a positioning message and the position will be uploaded to the platform and APP. Or you can send “upload123456 10” to the device number to star real-time tracking. (Please be noted that it costs much GPRS data traffic)






6.6   Tracking by Platform

1.Enter into the website www.tkstargps.net, and choose English.

2.Log in your account registered in APP.



  1. GPS tracking can be worked outdoor. 
  2. Please make sure GSM SIM card supports making calls, sending messages, GPRS network. 
  3. Please make sure GSM SIM card is with sufficient balance. 
  4. Please make sure the GSM card has opened the call shows and turned off the call transfer. 
  5. Please insert the GSM phone card correctly. 
  6. Do not assembly and disassembly device at will.
Cannot boot the device. Please check the battery if it is full.
Called the device but no message replied. If you send "G123456#" to the device but not any reply, it may be regarded as spam and blocked.
Please try to track it by APP or platform.
Platform position is different from the actual position. No uploading position time or no GPS signal: call the device phone number and receive the
position message. If it shows like Pic. 2, it means no GPS signal. The position is the last
GPS positioning location; If it shows like Pic. 1, it means the device doesn't reach the uploading time. You can send "upload123456 10" to star real-time tracking.
Replied two positioning message. Last means the last position history without GPS signal. Once it received GPS signal,
it will send the position message later. (Pic. 1)